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Why AcmePrints?

When you do business with Acme, you're helping to promote a company that values the welfare of people and animals along with the environment, and actively supports many organizations that directly work to benefit the world in these areas.

Acme’s Primary Goal & Reason for Being:

Acme’s Primary Goal is to better the world by making a concrete, measurable difference in the welfare of at least one million animals - including people - and to combat damage done to the world by other corporations and individuals.

We will achieve this by being profitable and sharing those profits with human- and animal-welfare organizations. We will also create opportunities for many charitable organizations to generate income by selling products they purchase from us at our cost. In these areas, we function similar to a non-profit.

We will create and maintain profitability in other areas by offering our customers a product of the highest quality at a fair price with service that is the second to no one in our industry. We believe that by truly caring about our customers and their needs, by treating customers and employees with respect, and by standing behind our product, we will always be successful and will achieve our goals.

Our Environmental Commitment:

We fancy ourselves one of, if not THE, greenest screen printer in Arizona. Since we’ve always been sincere about our environmental commitment, we go far, far beyond what any company like ours has to. We offer special Eco-series water-based inks, 100% natural soy-based plastisol inks, and bamboo, recycled & organic apparel. We always use soy-based cleaners, employ multiple extra steps to ensure plastisol ink residue is managed responsibly, and we've been among the top 10 purchasers of SRP Earthwise Energy for the past 3 years.

Read more about what makes Acme's printing so much 'greener' than other printers'.