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Here's How to Make Your Shirt Vision Become a Reality:

Option A: Design or upload a design online at the Acme Design Factory

We’ve got hundreds of pre-designed layouts and oodles of high-quality design elements waiting for you to assemble into a wearable masterpiece.  And the printing is 10% off to boot!  Or you can just do one of those ‘Keep Calm‘ things that are still popular somehow.  So judgmental, I know.  But seriously, how is that thing still going?  It’s like the ‘Got (insert whatever product you sell)?’ thing.  That Got Milk? commercial was funny. TWENTY-THREE YEARS AGO.  Let it go, friend.  Let it go.  Oh, right.  Shirt stuff.  Here’s option B.

Option B: The ‘free-form’, traditional method (via email, phone, in person or through our online order form)

Prepare Your Design

1. Prepare Your Design

Artwork Guidelines

Most popular file formats work great at the size you want it printed, and 300dpi. Vector files work great too.

Send us the file(s) via e-mail, our online order form, or in person.

Don’t have a design ready? Acme offers unbeatable graphic design and illustration services to those in need!


Print Size

We can print up to 14.5″ wide x 20″ tall at no extra charge. That’s pretty darn big for a standard screen print! Our oversize prints can go up to at least 20″ wide by 26″ tall. Oversize prints have different pricing, so make sure to call for a quote.

Select a Garment

2. Select a Garment

We use high quality t-shirts and apparel from the top brands. For almost everything you’d possibly want screen printed, browse the online catalog. For especially high quality, sweatshop-free clothing for men, women, babies & even dogs, head over to American Apparel. Or, feel free to bring in your own items.

Note: Prices on the American Apparel site are much higher than what you will pay with us!


Shirt Sizing

Need help with t-shirt sizing? Check out our über-helpful shirt sizing charts!

Choose Ink Colors

3. Choose Ink Colors

We use the highest quality inks and pigments, many of our own formulation. Our standard inks are plastisol inks from Union. We also use specialty inks other screen printers fear, like Discharge ink, Water-based ink, High-density ink, and even Reflective, Metallic and Glow-in-the-dark inks. See our color charts to get an idea of the colors available. We can also mix any ink to match Pantone (PMS) colors.


Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing

Direct-to-Garment printing is an alternative to the classic screen printing method. It’s sort of like running a t-shirt through a giant inkjet printer. DTG printing allows for full-color prints without the complex set-up that screen printing requires. Because of that, we are able to offer DTG printing with no minimum orders. It is also a good alternative when your design requires a lot of different ink colors and you need less than 50 shirts.

Free Vintage Effects/Distress Filters

4. Free Vintage Effect & Distress Filters

Looking for a distressed/vintage style? We offer over 200 FREE effects to use on your design.

See all effects.

Free Instant Quotes

5. Free Instant Quotes

Click here and enter your estimated quantities and inks for FREE instant price quotes.

Place Your Order

6. Place Your Order

Place your order here, over the phone, via email, or in person!

Approve Your Mockup

7. Approve Your Mockup

With every order, Acme Prints provides a free digital mock-up so you can see how your final print will look, and make any necessary changes before it goes to press.  This helps to eliminate mistakes and assures that you’ll get exactly what you want.


8. Print!

After approving your digital mock-up, your order will hit the presses! Most orders are printed on the quicker side of 6-10 business days, but rush service is available for those last-minute situations.

finishing services icon

9. Finishing Services

Need your shirts rolled for giveaways at an event?  Want them folded and put into bags with size labels?  Can do, my friend.  Our finishing services include hang tagging, removing garment labels/tags, sewing in custom garment labels, printing your company or brand info inside shirts, size-stickering, rolling, folding, bagging and more.


10. Delivery/Pickup

Once your order is printed it can be shipped or delivered straight to you. If you’re local, feel free to drop by to pick up your order and say howdy to us and our very handsome pups.  We can even show you around the shop if you’re so inclined to ask.  Heck, you can hang out all day if you bring doughnuts.  …or pizza.  …or beer.  Or doughnuts, pizza AND beer.
Note to self: Stop writing website verbiage while hungry.

Basic Pricing per print location


ACHTUNG!! For the fastest, easiest and sexiest, math-less pricing experience, go to our…
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 No hidden set-up fees, no screen fees, no film fees, no nuttin’!



# of Shirts1 ink2 inks3 inks4 inks5 inks6 inksSpecialty Inks
100$1.33$1.86$2.40$2.93$3.45$3.92+ 10¢/ink
72$1.69$2.47$3.23$4.02$4.80$5.53+ 25¢/ink
36$2.03$3.07$4.05$5.07$6.10$7.00+ 25¢/ink
24$3.05$4.68$6.28$7.92$9.52$11.02+ 50¢/ink
12$4.62$7.98$10.81$13.71$16.54$19.24+ 50¢/ink

! Pricing is based on standard plastisol inks and print-ready files. Cost of garment not included.

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