Acme’s Long-Winded Button Story:

Acme offers buttons to you, our lovely customer, strictly for your convenience. Buttons once made us enough to buy pizza every week, but gone are the days of making buttons whilst watching Seinfeld at the house *sniffle* and instead we’re writing checks for commercial rent & payroll (can you believe folks get to hang here AND get paid?).

Because of this, we’re glad to refer you to the nice folks at Busy Beaver if you’d prefer to go directly to the source. They’re the only button makers we’ve found to be reliable in quality & turnaround time along with reasonable prices.

But if you prefer the convenience of ordering through your pals at Acme, please do! The prices are below. You can contact us or use the online order form. Thanks!


Item Quantity Price
1 inch 1.25 inch
Black & white 100 $40 $45
Full-color $40 $45
Black & white on metal $45 $50
Full-color on metal $50 $55
Glow, black & white $50 $55
Glow, full-color $55 $60
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! Custom sizes, colors & quantities are available. Ask about discounts for bulk orders of 500+.

Standard turnaround is about two weeks.