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Custom enamel pins and metal lapel pins are unique and more affordable than you think.

Check out our Enamel Pin Gallery for example images of the pins we’ve produced!

How do I start, you ask? Super easy.

  • Send us your art or have us design/illustrate something for you. Existing art needs to be vectorized, but most quality files can be done by us with no extra charge. Not sure if your file’s good to go? Just email it to us and ask!
  • Pick the enamel colors you want with a Pantone/PMS guide. PMS numbers ensure you get the right colors. If you don’t know, we’ll pick the closest, but it’s always best to pick them yourself.

Who loves hidden fees?

Psychos, that’s who. Just like with our shirts, our enamel pin prices include everything you need for standard pins.  And shipping’s free too!  Prices elsewhere may seem lower till you factor in fees for art time, creation of the molds, shipping…  Adds up!  Call, text or email us if the info below doesn’t cover what you need or if it’s overwhelming.  It can be, but we can help.


Soft Enamel (metal is higher, enamel is recessed)

# of Colors
Black Dye Metal
Nickel/Copper/Brass Metal
Gold Metal
501-2 colors$188$193$198
3-4 colors$198$198$204
1001-2 colors$229$239$249
3-4 colors$234$244$255
5-6 colors$244$255$265
7-8 colors$255$265$275
2001-2 colors$331$351$372
3-4 colors$351$372$392
5-6 colors$362$382$402
5001-2 colors$550$601$652
3-4 colors$591$642$693
5-6 colors$632$683$734


Hard Enamel (face of pin is flat & smooth)

# of Colors
Dark Nickel
Nickel/Copper/Brass Metal
Gold Metal
501-2 colors$204$209$214
3-4 colors$214$219$224
1001-2 colors$260$270$280
3-4 colors$268$278$288
5-6 colors$275$285$295
2001-2 colors$397$418$438
3-4 colors$413$433$459
5-6 colors$428$448$469
5001-2 colors$714$765$816
3-4 colors$754$805$856
5-6 colors$795$846$897

Soft Enamel Metal Options

Hard Enamel Metal Options

Hard enamel requires plated metal due to the buffing process.

Backing Cards and Retail Bags

Add $50 to first 100 pins, $25 for each additional 100.  Prince includes optional bagging.  Discounts on large runs.

  • 2.17 x 3.15 inches (54mm x 80mm) is the most common size.
  • 3 x 4″ (75mm x 100mm) is also common.
  • Larger options are available for pin sets.
  • Optional rounded corners at no additional cost.

custom backing cards. backing card. Enamel pins shown with backing cards and retail bags

Backer Options

Black rubber backers are standard. Any color is available at no additional cost.

Rubber Pin Backs. Acme Prints. Acme Prints AZ. Image of rubber pin backs of multiple colors .

Metal butterfly backers also available at no additional cost.

Metal butterfly backers. pin backers. AZ Acme Prints. Acme Prints.

Deluxe backers (see below) are $0.25 each.  Larger pins have two back posts (over 1.4″ usually), so $0.50 each.

deluxe backer. pin backer. Acme Prints. Acme Printing. Acme Prints AZ

Additional Options

Die Cut ShapeAdd $25 for the mold & $0.20/pin
Carding and BaggingAdd $50 to first 100 pins, $25 to each additional 100 (discounts on large runs)
Glow in the DarkAdd $0.25/pin ($25/100 pins)
GlitterAdd $0.25/pin ($25/100 pins)
Backstamp$40 (Can be reused for free on subsequent orders)
Sequential NumberingAdd $0.30/pin ($30/100 pins)
Larger than 1.65″Add $60 for mold & +$0.20/pin
Gold MetalAdd $0.20/pin
Silver/Copper/Bronze MetalAdd $0.10/pin ($10/100 pins)
Backstamp Logo$40  No add’l charge after the 1st use. Comes with Acme stamp unless otherwise requested.
Printed PinsEmail for an exact quote.
Additional ColorsAbout $10/100 pins/color

Note: Complex shapes or pins with knocked out areas will require a zinc alloy mold instead of iron. This adds an additional $25 for the mold cost as well as $20/100 pins.